Saturday, 13 September 2014

Breaking Brand

Brand Obsession is no longer the name of the game for Millennial's as stated by The Business of Fashion. While this is true for most of the Western World, there is still a brand craze surrounding Asia.

Why is there this disparity?

Cultural differences, new money vs. old money, socio- economic status etc.

This being said, we can't always get around logos or avoid shopping from brands. So without further ado. My list of 'acceptable' purchases from these brands and how I would style them.

Please note that my version of acceptable may be totally different than yours. These views are my own and DO NOT reflect any affiliation with any corporation.

Abercrombie & Fitch:

There is so much hate surrounding this brand, specifically by me on their stance on black....

They've got pink, an awkward colour of green that I have never looked good in and navy blue.. but no black.


As a mono- chromatic fiend this store is especially hard for me to stomach on certain accounts.

My favourite items from Abercrombie are their flannels. Trust. Their flannels are great alternatives for the ones you see in Urban Outfitters or Aritzia.

Get one of their flannels in a size or 2 larger than you would initially wear, put on your favourite dark skinny jeans, white converse, white tee and a baseball cap and no one will look twice one of these tied around your waist.

Besides that I am guilty of owning a few pairs of Hollister & Co jeans... JUST because when they have their $25 sale it is so tempting to get a few pairs to mix up the wardrobe when my tried and "True's" (my true religion skinny jeans) start getting worn 5-6 days a week.


Ok. So they've got logos on everything...  I mean EVERYTHING.

But you can't deny that their sweaters are comfy! I'm guilty of owning a few of these as well as their Roots counterparts...

To be honest. When you are having a super lazy day one of these bad boys with jeans/leggings and boots/ sneakers are a really easy go to.

Half zips are the perfect year round sweater, so I say if you've found a brand you like, even if the brand slaps logos on it everywhere if it works for you then wear that logo with pride. (Unless the brand associated with the logo advocates for child labour, sweatshops and inhumane work conditions)

Designer Brands

I'm lumping all designer brands into this list because it's not really something that we as regular university students find ourselves dressing from head to toe in. However we all have seen that one individual who has managed to dress themselves, their children, and their dogs in head to toe designer. It's impressively tacky and I question the meaning of life when I see things like that.

Don't be that person.

We've all seen that one person in the mall who wears the full on Juciy Track Suit in public... as comfy as they must be it just isn't done anymore.

Times may change and walking around in head to toe velour with Ugg boots on will come back but for now don't do this...

Branding aside, at the end of the day wear what makes you comfortable and confident.

xoxo Steph

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