Friday, 15 August 2014

July and August Music Favourites

Hey Guys!

I'm sorry it's been ages since I've posted! The last few weeks have been a chaotic mess of travel, exams, quitting my job, and a music festival!

I was looking over my last monthly music favourite post which I feel is abysmal in terms of explaining why I like each song and giving you guys insight into my taste in music. This month, I've decided to write a little bit about the songs.

                The first song that I have been singing constantly in my head this month is Seeya by deadmau5 is my ‘I’m about to kill someone song’. Yes I have an; ‘I’m about to kill someone song’. To explain I’m not actually about to kill someone just after work when I messed up and got in trouble with a manager or had a batch of difficult customers I would blast this song in the parking lot on my drive home and it made everything better. Not only is the bass killer, the lyrics are amazing. Honestly you just need to listen to them. A few of my favourite lines are; “Don’t wake me up I’m winning wars inside my head / And maybe I’m weak but not beneath the covers of this bed / Asleep, I’m undefeated in this world of mine”. Effectively the entire first verse is my absolute favourite. Other lyrics that I love are: “Don’t try to save me when my mind is finally free”, “It’s not enough for me to paint in black and white/ inside my head there are shades of red unknown to waking life”. I don’t know what it is but the overall tone and feel of the song resonates with me.

                       The second song that I have been in love with this month is a song obsession/ artist obsession that has been persisting since April is Love Me Again by John Newman. John Newmans voice to begin with is fantastic and incredibly unique which he further enhances with his blend of Disco and Alternative Pop Rock. It's amazing, plus the song is about a couple that is questioning getting back together. Anyone who's gone through a relationship again has questioned if they could be loved again. Love Me Again is an upbeat song, that is catchy and deals with a subject matter that anyone can relate too.

                        The third song is Sing by Ed Sheeran. For anyone who a) hasn't heard this on the radio b) heard of Ed Sheeran or c) lives under a rock and hasn't heard really really amazing talent, this is a good introduction song. This song is much more up beat and lighter than Ed Sheerans' 'typical' style but he did mention that this song was originally supposed to be off an album entirely produced by Pharrell Williams! Two of my favourite artists on one album would let me die happy! As for the song, this two chord wonder has amazing musicality in terms of the combination of Ed Sheerans' talents on the guitar (found in the difficult strum pattern) and Pharrells' amazing producing it is a must.

                        The fourth song is Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran. Why I love this song is because it is flat out, unequivocally adorable. Enough Said

                        The fifth song is Dibby Dibby Sound by DJ Fresh. Just listen. Listen and love and question the noises coming from your speakers.. Also this song was featured in a Teen Wolf episode, which is how I found it.

                       Skipping down a few songs, at number nine is the song Wanderlust by the Weekend. Well... if you haven't heard this one than you should really, really, go check it out! Here are all the many reasons why I love this song.

  1.      It makes me happier than words can describe
  2.      His voice
  3.      Pharrells' producing
  4.      Just about everything about this song!! 
                  The last song that I want to talk about is GRiZs' song The Future is Now. Why might you ask, did I include an EDM song in my mostly pop-rock, top 40s' list this month. Well, I will explain. Over the August Long Weekend (Aug 2nd and 3rd for you non- Canadians) I went to a music festival in Toronto called VELD. Arguably one of the best weekends of my summer! I had the best time with some crazy, crazy, people. Crazy in a good way I should add. But GRiZ was not only one of the most standout lineups that I saw over the weekend but there is another more 'personal' reason why this song is a favourite, relating to a boy and I'm not going into too many details because Idon'twanttojinxitbutireallyreallylikehim. 

                         I really hope you guys like this post! I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but a picture filled apartment tour, and hopefully if I can get it together a favourite beauty products and OOTD will be coming soon! 

     xoxo Steph

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