Friday, 4 July 2014

June Music Favourites

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the serious amount of text heavy posts recently! They are just so much easier to create when I'm in exam/essay mode. Don't worry I will have some new fashion and what I did today style posts coming out shortly but for the mean time.... I made a playlist of the songs that I was legitimately obsessed with throughout June.

I mean I'm pretty sure I contributed a hefty amount to the views on these videos.

So I figured since I'm majorly obsessed with music... like I'm always listening to something I thought I would share what I've been loving for each month in one convenient youtube playlist.

This month I was having a serious old school sound through back, like Chromeos' Jealous and Pharrells' Marilyn Monroe have this serious old school, laid back sound which I love!

And since Ariana Grandes new single just dropped this month my obsession with her has been rekindled and not that it ever goes away it just jumped into hyper drive!

Also! For those of you who got a bit of a shock when people started singing in a different language, its Korean, no I sadly don't understand it but I just really like how it sounds!

All of this being said... heres the playlist!


P.S. Do you guys like me doing favourites posts like this? I'll be for sure doing a fashion and beauty favourites but do you guys want a lifestyle favourites where I post the playlist, tv shows, life events etc??

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