Monday, 16 June 2014

The Lazy Six Pack

The Lazy Six Pack for the non- inclined gym goer who would prefer to indulge in a little of everything and skip the cardio.

Up until my first year at university working out had never been at the forefront of my mind. Throughout high school I was constantly involved in sports so the idea of ‘hitting the gym’ after volleyball practice never crossed my mind. Well it never crossed my mind until there was the threat of the freshman 15! Being the slightly socially awkward person I am, the thought of working out in the school rec centre in front of all those people is daunting to me. I know that everyone says that no one really cares but it’s more of me being uncomfortable getting started doing something like gasping for breath on a treadmill in front of strangers or awkwardly doing pushups with bad form.

My Solution! 
Working out in my dorm and working as a hostess at a busy restaurant! 

In this series I will divulge my tips and tricks for keeping off the pounds without 'hitting the gym'

So sit back relax and have your abs cry out in pain with me! 

Warning: Readers may be subject to Steph's athletic abilities 

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