Monday, 12 May 2014

Quick and Simple Vegetarian Meal

Hey Everyone!

I need to be honest with you... sometimes I make vegetarian food because I don't want to cook meat. Other times I make vegetarian food because I'm worried about my Carbon footprint and am having a eat vegetarian two days a week to try and offset that.

Needless to say today was a "I don't want to cook meat day". So for those of you who want to know what I made today keep reading!

To start I took one piece of Naan Bread and cut some Balderson Aged Cheddar on it. You can use any cheese you want this is especially yummy with goat cheese, but the cheddar was what was in the fridge.

After I finished arranging the cheese how I wanted I turned the oven on to broil on low and put the naan with cheese in until all the cheese had melted into gooey deliciousness.

While the cheese was melting I hardboiled two eggs and prepared my spinach and strawberries.

After the eggs are cooked, I cut them up and arrange them on top of the spinach add a little of my favourite salad dressing of the moment et Voila!

This is the finished product! I cut up some strawberries on the side to give it the plate some colour and also because I just love them! 

If you guys try out this recipe or create your own variation of it we'd love to see it! Tweet your pictures to us @TwoRoastedCndns or Tag us in your instagram posts using #TwoRoastedCanadians!

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