Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Foodie International: Dim Sum

Hello Everyone! 

Can we all just take a moment and thank the people who created the amazingness which is Dim Sum. For those who do not know what Dim Sum is according to Wikipedia it is, "a style of Cantonese food prepared in small bite- sized or individual portions traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates". 

Marina and I went downtown one day where we ventured to Queens Quay, where we stumbled into an old favourite restaurant of mine called Pearl. I haven't been there in a few years and because we were so close I thought that we might as well. It was Marina's first time having Dim Sum so I was really excited to share this part of my childhood with her. Plus the view from the restaurant is absolutely fantastic. 

How Pearl works is you mark off what you want on a list and from that they bring you out what you want. Unlike the other Dim Sum restaurants that I go to where the servers bring the food around on trolleys and you need to flag down the trolley that has what you want on it, for a first timer this restaurant is very friendly and approachable and also the menu is in both English and Cantonese (complete in pinying) making is very fool proof.  Here's the link to the menu so you can see what it's like.

Before we get to the food I have to show you the place settings, they were so pretty!

Now to the food!
We each picked different Items from the Menu so I'll differentiate between who ordered what, but I'm so sorry because I forgot to take a picture of the dessert we had! I'll try to include a picture of the dessert we had from the Chinese Super Market!

What we ordered:
Item 1: 雪花蝦餃 (Har Kau) Shrimp Dumpling

My choice, a staple in my families Dim Sum trips. Har Kau is shrimp wrapped in a clear dumpling skin. The actual filling of Har Kau is shrimp, lumped or sliced, mixed with bamboo and/or water chestnut. As it's minimal ingredients would suggest Har Kau is a very simple dish in terms of flavour but very satisfying to the taste.

Item 2: 鮮蝦燒賣 (Siu Mai) Meat Dumpling

My choice, and another staple for my family. Whenever we visit my family in Singapore my father and I have Siu Mai, Curry and Roti Prata for breakfast every morning. But that's a different Foodie International post. Siu Mai is a beef dumpling mixed with shrimp. Amazing deliciousness like everything else! 

Item 3: 翡翠帶子餃 Steamed Scallop Dumpling

This was Marinas choice and it was absolutely amazing! I haven't tried this before but I'm so glad she chose it! I mean what true dim sum fan doesn't like scallop, shrimp, spring onions and wonton dumpling woven throughout.

Item 4: 干蒸牛肉 Steamed Beef Dumpling

This I didn't try, but it looked amazing! If I go back to Pearl I will order this as per Marinas recommendation.

Item 5: 蠔皇叉燒酥 (Ta Siu Bao) Steamed B.B.Q. Pork Buns

My final food choice and I know I've said that everything is my favourite but this, is my favourite (and Marina's too). No words can describe how good this is! I'm sorry I wish I was better at it, but the B.B.Q. has a distinct sweet flavour to it that pairs well with the slightly sweet bun that surrounds it.

Item 6: 馬拉糕 (Ma Lai Gao) Sponge Cake

This is delicious spongey cakey goodness. It has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. It's colloquially known as Sponge Cake but it's full official name is Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake. The colour usually ranges from a bright yellow to a rich caramel golden colour. This is you ever go to a Dim Sum restaurant inspect each trolley for this because I promise you that this is not a dish to pass up!

Let us know in the comments down below your favourite dishes from Dim Sum and then next time we go we will try them and let you know what we think!