Sunday, 11 May 2014

Get To Know Us, 20 Question Edition

1. Where Did The Name The Two Roasted Canadians Come From?
Because there's nothing like a cottage and a fire to make you feel truly at home.

2. How Did You Two Meet?
Grade 7 - first day of school. Came into a big hall where they gathered the new students, and we sat beside each other. One of us turns to the other and said "wanna be friends?".
How perfectly simple it is when you're kids.

3. If You Had To Eat One Food For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be? 
Steph: Pizza, hands down. You can put anything you want on it...
Marina: Sushi

4. Favourite Music
Steph: Everything from Classical to Top 40s.
Marina: All varieties of house, and many many types of rock.

5. Why Are You Spelling Favourite With A "U"? 
We are Canadian! 

6. What Is Your Life's Ambition? 
Steph: To be happy but also successful however success looks to me when I am older. I think at lot of my happiness later in life will be from enjoying the benefits from what I accomplished throughout my earlier years.
Marina: There is beauty in progression. I want to be able to look back when I'm older and see how much I've grown. I want to pursue my passion, which lies in medicine.

7. Favourite Book 
Steph: The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde
Marina: Pride and Prejudice and The Great Gatsby (authors are obviously not needed)

8. Favourite Movie 
Steph: Breakfast at Tiffany's, It's a classic and you can't really go wrong with Audrey Hepburn
Marina: Harry Potter installations because why not.

9. Who Inspires You?
Steph: Bonnie Brooks, Donald Trump, Tom Ford and Mark Derbyshire.
Marina: Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Llama

10. Favourite Class in High School
Steph: Business! We got to create our own company's and get hands on experience while still inhigh school, it was pretty awesome.
Marina: I love science.

11. Where Do You Next Want To Travel?
Steph: Anywhere! I am such a travel junkie!
Marina: Medical volunteering in Thailand.

12. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?
Steph: Can I say anything but winter? I think that each season has pros and cons but I feel that as a Canadian I spend all winter thinking about the possibility of above zero weather come March so that there will be no more snow!
Marina: Each season has it's perks and fashion opportunities! :)

13. Tea or Coffee. 
Steph: Tea for sure. Green tea for life.
Marina: Coffee. All day. Every day.

14. What Do You Think Your Best Feature Is? 
Steph: My smile because it's like my Dads
Marina: My eyes because they are the window to the soul. :)

15. What Is The First Thing You Notice About The Other Person? 
Steph: Her eyes, they are the most beautiful things ever.
Marina: Her fantastic smile, it's contagious.

16. Dream Job?
Steph: Something that puts me on the business side of the fashion industry.
Marina: Doctor

17. Do You Have Any Pets Or Siblings? 
Steph: I have a golden retriever
Marina: Two darling little sisters

18. Random Fact?
Steph: I was once a part of a conversation where both parties were asleep.
Marina: I'm an immigrant.

19. Favourite color?
Steph: My favourite is Orange but I wear mostly black and denim
Marina: I love red but wear mostly neutrals.

20. What's your niche passion with regards to blogging?
Steph: Fashion and Food! Fitness is a bit outside of my comfort zone but I'm hoping through this experience I will become more comfortable with that area.
Marina: I love everything to do with fitness (not big stretch since I love medicine and healthcare!) I love to cook, especially making dishes that are healthy alternatives to delicious favourites.

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