Sunday, 11 May 2014

Foodie International: Pho

Vietnamese food is one of my most favourite South Asian cuisines, that being said I love most food from South Asia. 

My parents and I usually go for Pho around lunch time on weekends. You can have it at any meal but that's just when we prefer. 

The Vietnamese restaurant that we go to numbers the dishes from 1-1000... Yes they have 1000 different orders.
My parents and I usually order very similar things. My mom orders something with curry and my father and I order the same Pho with rice noodles and beef. 

I'll try to do my best to explain what my mom ordered but don't hold me too it. 

My mom ordered #413 it's rice noodles with curried beef on rice noodles with sliced carrots, cucumbers and lettuces. 

Now for what I order: 
I order the #203 which is a traditional soup with Rice noodles, parsley, spring onions, beef, and onions. 

I usually put like in my Pho because I like how it tastes but that's a totally optional step. 

Now while I awkwardly describe the taste; The initial broth is a very simple beef broth but that gives way to the onions and parsley, which have all been cooked raw in the soup as it's being brought out to you. Everything is so fresh and tastes like home made food straight from my grandmas kitchen. 

And the portion sizes! So much food! It's fantastic, I usually order the smallest size but the larger size can feed at least two people. 

You can also put bean sprouts into your soup or have it with your meal or my mom and I usually snack on them before our food arrives. 

Here's another picture of my soup, one without my hand in it. 

One of my favourite things about this particular Vietnamese Restuarant is that not only is the food amazing (the deliciousness cannot be described), but the service and the prices are incredible! You order and within 10-15 minutes your food is sitting in front of you. 

Another something that comes with your meal is tea. Delicious, perfectly made black tea. One of the my most favourite parts at going to any South Asian Restuarant is the tea. I can't describe the exact flavour but the range from Jasmine tea through the ranges of black tea. 

I'm not really sure what exactly all of these bottle contains but I know that two of them are different types of chilli (sweet and saracha) and maybe one is soya sauce but I'm honestly not 100% sure. If someone knows could you let me know down in the comments? Thanks! 

Also look out for more posts in my Foodie International series as I'll have a Pho Part II coming up with the other dishes I order! 

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