Monday, 6 October 2014

My Watch

I first saw my watch on Instagram through the page of the lovely Evelina Barry.

Then I saw it again, and again... people who I follow on Instagram were raving about this watch like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Let me tell you... this watch (for me) is the best thing since sliced bread.

I have been looking for a watch since I graduated high school... three years ago, but I have never been able to find the perfect watch that I was willing to wear around all day, every day. I looked at the ever so popular Michael Kors watches, Tag Heuer Watches and every other brand that my friends and family recommended to me. Nothing felt right. Until, I discovered Daniel Wellington. Before Daniel Wellington I was looking at two brands, Shore Projects and The Horse, who both sold almost identical watches. While they are of a similar minimalistic style to Daniel Wellington, neither offered the simple elegance nor the rose gold detailing that Daniel Wellington did.

About a month ago, I took the plunge and ordered my watch.

I ordered the Classic Sheffield Lady. When placing your order, you have the option of choosing either Rose Gold or Silver, and you can scroll through the website to find the face or strap colour/style that works best for you.

I chose a black strap because of my preference for monochromatic colours, the standard white face and the rose gold case to ensure that the watch could tie together gold and silver jewellery.

It took about three weeks to receive my watch (which was excruciatingly long to wait for something) but it was so worth it. After wearing it for about a week, I keep falling more and more in love with it. I find that because the watch is so simple, understated, and very different from the traditional Michael Kors watches that most girls wear around my university it is a great conversation starter. I've had so many girls come up to me and ask me about my watch, where I got it, and other questions along that train of thought. Seriously one of the better investments that I have made in the last year.

I hope you guys found this post interesting! I'll post how I style my watch and what I wear jewellery wise everyday once I figure that out myself!


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