Saturday, 27 September 2014

Digital Dreams!

GUYS! I am SO SO SO late posting this!

I don't remember if I told you guys but my phone was stolen in August at Veld that had all of my pictures from Digital Dreams and Veld on them which was a major bummer. Why I was waiting to post about DD was because I was going to have a massively amazing post of the two concerts and compare them, run through my highlights, likes, dislikes, food everything! But alas my phone was stolen so I no longer have ANY pictures from Veld :( When I think about it, it still physically enrages me. You guys don't understand, I turned off my Google Drive auto- backup which was a) dumb and b) if I had it on I would have had my pictures from Veld, in order to save battery power... which to be fair I didn't need to do because I had a charging case on my phone... yup learn from me guys. LEARN FROM MY DUMB MISTAKES! ALWAYS turn on auto- backup.

My rambling aside I'm going to actually get into the whole concert experience etc.

Granted I am deeply, deeply disappointed that I could not go to the first day due to work.... [Insert angry pouty face here], I did have the best time at Day 2! Before I go into everything about the music I'll quickly run down of my timetable for the whole weekend.


I worked a split shift. Meaning I was in to work at 11:30am, left at 3 and I was back at 5. This was no ordinary Saturday however. This was the Saturday of the Canada Day long weekend. So on a normal weekend, because of my split shift, my manager knowing I had an event to go to would have let me go around 9 and run one hostess down for the hour and a half until the dinner rush died down. This of course was the weekend where we were busy from 11:30 am until 1am. Thank Goodness everyone let me go early(ish) and I was out the door heading downtown to Toronto at 10:30.

I met up with my friends at the Sheraton Hotel; for the last two years we have stayed here for the weekend and its so so so much fun, most of the people in the hotel are festival goers, its the long weekend AND who doesn't love staying with their friends in the heart of a city?
After I arrive, I rush to get ready to go out to the After Party that was being held at a club called the Hoxton, we all hope into cabs, and at 11:30 show up and dance like no one was watching us until 4:30. Yes, you read that correct we were at the club until 4:30!! The DJ who was playing the club, Carnage, was amazing. He had a really good upbeat seat that was just the right amount of top 40s remixes and his own stuff.

We get back to the hotel at 4:45 am and FINALLY fall asleep at 5:30 only to be woken up my Marina (aka the other Roasted Canadian) at 8:30.


We yell at Marina to be quiet, manage to sleep for another hour and stumble our way down Younge Street to Marche for the most amazing post dancing all night breakfast.

After breakfast us girls split off from the boys to head to Sephora to get foundation samples and try on makeup, because we all oddly enough had run out of foundation the night before and desperately needed new ones!

After finishing shopping, we headed back to the hotel room where we meet up with our guys friends who promptly decided that it was time for lunch. The boys had beat us back (obviously) and had already showered and taken naps, so while we were getting ready they started making the plan for the day, which went something like this.

Nap --> Food --> Pride Parade --> Food --> One of the guys was heading home --> two of our friends who weren't going to the festival were going to wander around the city --> The two Roasties head out to Digital Dreams.

We all ended up napping and getting food, unfortunately Pride was an hour delayed which seriously conflicted with the Chainsmokers set at 3pm. Marina and I were really sad to have missed the opportunity to see and support our friends who were participating in the parade, but we both desperately wanted to see the Chainsmokers perform.

We made it into the gates in time to see the set before the Chainsmokes and had time to explore before they came on. This map --> is what it looked like, it was so well planned! I cannot tell you guys how well organized, and well thought out the entire event was. They had everything from places to sit, plenty of FREE water and they even had phone charging stations.

How we attacked the event was after the Chainsmokers set, we went to No. 19 Social Experiment. This Stage was situated right by the lake, it was the 'deep house' stage, so the vibe was super laid back, very very chill and had a hill that you could sit on to overlook the crowd. From there we spent the rest of the day bouncing from the House of Boom, to the Dreams stage, and then back to the House of Boom picking up energy drink samples along the way.

The whole day was just... so good. I honestly can not say enough good things about this event. If you guys have a way to get to Toronto for the Canada Day Long Weekend and really like EDM, this is totally the thing for you! Even if you don't really like EDM or are starting to get into it, this festival has enough 'popular' EDM ie. Tiesto, Chainsmokers, while still maintaing a good amount of smaller less 'big house' artists. My favourite acts of the entire day were; Chainsmokers (Obviously), they are talented DJs as well as ridiculously attractive, and Tiesto. I saw his set last year at Digital Dreams and was not as impressed as I was this year. Perhaps it was because this year he played his very popular Top 40s songs mixed into his traditional DJ set. Don't get me wrong I love a good trance set but when you can end the night screaming lyrics to a song that you hear on the radio 18 times a day just has a certain special something.

The after party that we went to was at a Club called CODA and was played by Art Department.... I put ellipses after this because it honestly wasn't my thing. After a full day and night before of dancing like maniacs to crazy upbeat sets, Art Department was a little bit too laid-back. That being said, we didn't let that kill the vibe, we all headed back to the hotel room where we all chatted, hangout, had tickle fights and slept.

Probably one of the best weekends of summer... not going to lie.

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