Saturday, 31 May 2014

Foodie International: Sushi

Hey Everyone!

For those of you who have been following my foodie international series you can probably tell that there is a distinct trend of South Asian Cusine. I will eventually get to other regions but I thought I would first post about food and restaurants that I frequent often! 

The Japanese Restuarant that I go to most is called Sushi Tei. It's a bit of a hike from my house but we go there because it's the best quality and price we've found in our years living in the greater Toronto area. 

To start Green Tea comes complimentary with every meal. It's amazing! I can drink a full pot of it by myself in one sitting. The flavour is strong enough that you don't feel like you are sipping on lukewarm water but it isn't as strong as for an example Jasmine Tea. 

As an appetizer they bring out three dishes; edamame beans, fish cakes covered in a chilli sauce similar to kimchi and bean sprouts. 

My dad always orders a side dish of kimchi and rice. I'm not sure when he started doing this, but he's gotten me slightly hooked on it as well! Kimchi is fermented Nappa Cabbage or Daikon Raddish that is prepared with Red Chilli Powder. 

At Sushi Tei the beer that we order is Ashai. I honestly couldn't tell you the difference between Ashai and Sapporo having never compared them side by side but if you guys want me to do that comparison let me know in the comments below! 

One of my moms all time favourite dishes is the Tako Sunomono salad. It's a seaweed based salad with ebi (shrimp), cucumber, crab and a variety of vegetables. Because of the octopus this dish may not be for everyone but if you are an adventurous eater then this is a must try! 

As my preference is Sashimi either Hamachi (yellow tail), Maguro (tuna) or Sake (salmon). Despite my usual preference of Maguro I chose to order Sake just to change things up and make it interesting! 

I cannot say enough good things about the freshness of Sushi Tei! The quality of the sushi is absolutely amazing! 

As for rolls, we ordered Rainbow Roll which is an assortment of sashimi laid over a California roll and Dynamite Roll which is shrimp tempura in seaweed and rice. 

Dynamite Roll is my favourite Make (roll of rice and seaweed wrapped around a filling). The crunchiness of the Tempura Filling offsets the rice and seaweed nicely. This roll has a very subtle flavour so for those of you who are new to Sushi or who simply don't like raw fish, I recommend you give this a try!

Rainbow Roll is something that my dad often orders so I can't say too much about it. I do like this roll, but it is not one of my favourites. For those of you who like a variety of flavours in one dish then this is perfect for you! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always we'd love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below! 


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