Friday, 3 October 2014

Style Icon: Hey Claire

To me HeyClaire aka Claire Marshall is perfection.

Pure and Utter perfection.

She is also my favourite YouTuber

Reasons why I love Claire:

1. Her Hair
2. Bruce Lee
3. Her Love of Jeans and a T-Shirt
4. Her Black Boot Collection
5. Her Apartment

I legitimately love everything about her. Plus she has unreal editing skills.

Listing reasons aside, heres my explanation for my (un)healthy obsession with her.

The first video I saw from HeyClaire was her Favourite Lipstick video which she lip synced to Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj, the editing on that video... so so good! The next video I watched was how she blows out her hair. This is what started my obsession with how she does her hair, leading me to her Easy Beach Babe hair tutorial... yup... if you've seen some of my hair posts on Instagram I totally do this hairstyle regularly.... From this video I began binge watching her videos... like 2-3 times. Not to be creepy just because I was legitimately taking what I was learning from her and applying it. Her hair isn't the only thing that is amazing, her style is similar to how I would like to style myself and her black boot collection is to die for. She epitomizes effortless chic!

Also moment is needed for her cat... Bruce Lee.... he is so cute! Their relationship honestly makes me want to get a cat... even though I'm allergic.

Finally her apartment... the way she's styled it, the brick walls, the stone the velvet couch... oh my....

If you guys have never heard of heyclaire, I don't know what you've been doing on YouTube but you need to check her out!

Below I've listed her YouTube and Instagram! 

As always, I hope you guys liked this post.

If you want me to ramble on about other YouTubers or Bloggers that I love let me know!

Also I will be doing a Hey Claire inspired makeup look/ outfit of the day coming up after this!


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